About Eyelander

What is Eyelander?

Eyelander is an online game for young people with partial vision loss caused by brain injury. The game was designed by WESC Foundation – The Specialist Centre for Visual Impairment. It includes gamified visual search training that can help improve the player’s ability to find objects in cluttered settings. You can play the game on a tablet or with a mouse and keyboard, on most modern browsers.

Who is Eyelander for?

Eyelander was designed with and for children and young adults with partial visual field loss caused by brain injury. Acquired brain injury can cause different patterns of visual field loss such as the loss of one half of the visual field (hemianopia). Brain injury caused around the time of birth can cause a range of cerebral vision impairments (CVI) that result in difficulties with processing and interpreting visual information.

You can find out more about hemianopia and CVIs by following this link About Visual Field Loss.

Why is Eyelander useful for people with partial visual field loss?

We don’t expect playing Eyelander to change the size of your visual field. We expect that you will learn to compensate for the restricted visual field with changes in scanning patterns and visual attention. There is evidence from research that completing many visual search exercises such as those found in Eyelander can improve functional vision when attempting daily activities. Activities such as finding a particular object on a cluttered tabletop or moving around more safely in a complex outdoor setting. These changes do take a long time to happen though, so we recommend completing Eyelander ten times or more to see meaningful and persistent improvements in functional vision.

How to join in

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