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Visual Conditions

Because of your vision:

How challenging do you find going downstairs or moving down from the pavement?
How challenging do you find your school, college, or work?
How challenging do you find watching television or a film at the cinema?
How challenging do you find recognising faces or identifying your friends at arms’ length?
How challenging do you find moving around in a crowded place?
How challenging do you find going out alone?
How challenging do you find finding things around the home or in the shops?
Invitation to take part in research

We would like you to take part in an online research project as you play Eyelander. You will need to have internet access to take part. Before you decide whether you want to take part, it is important for you to read the following information about the research project carefully and discuss it with others if you want to.

Do contact us if there is anything that is not clear or you would like more information.

Name, address and contact details of investigators:
Dr. Jonathan Waddington
WESC Foundation, Research and Development,
Topsham Road, Countess Wear, Exeter, EX2 6AH.

Prof. Timothy Hodgson
University of Lincoln, School of Psychology,
Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS

This research project has been approved by the University of Lincoln’s School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee [Project ID]:
Eyelander online.

If you have any queries or concerns about your rights as a research participant or wish to make a complaint please contact:

Dr. Amanda Roberts (Chair of the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee at the University of Lincoln),
University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS
Tel: 01522 886190

Project Background

Visual field loss is a condition that can be caused by problems in areas of the brain that process vision. This partial loss of vision can result in serious difficulties with some activities of daily life, such as searching for something in a crowded drawer or at a supermarket. The aim of this research is to provide children and young people who have visual field loss access to an online video game called Eyelander that has been designed to help improve functional vision. The game improves functional vision by training eye movements and attention to compensate for the visual field loss, and does not cause the visual field loss itself to change. If you choose to take part, you will be asked to play Eyelander online from your home computer. You can control how often you will play Eyelander and how long for. We will also ask you to fill in an online questionnaire about how you manage activities of daily life, such as going shopping.

About the game

As you play Eyelander you will need to search for a target shape amongst other distracting shapes to complete each level. We recommend you try to find each target as quickly as possible. It is extremely unlikely that training with Eyelander will do you any harm, but if you find it uncomfortable in any way you should stop. We do recommend that you sit at least 60cm from the screen in a well-lit room and that you do not play if you are drowsy or tired. If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, you should consult a doctor before playing.

Your participation and data protection

It is your choice whether or not you decide to take part in this research. You should only choose to take part if you want to, and choosing not to take part will not disadvantage you at all. If you choose to take part you will be free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason. When we have enough data we will publish the results in a scientific journal and we will email you a link to the published article so you can see this. All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you have chosen to take part you will need to check the tick-boxes in the consent form:

Informed Consent

  • I agree that the research project “Eyelander Online” has been explained to me to my satisfaction.
  • I understand that the information I will submit may be published anonymously as part of a scientific report, and that it will not be possible to identify me from any publications.
  • I understand that such information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • I understand that if I decide at any time that I no longer wish to take part in this research, I can notify the researchers involved and withdraw immediately.

Terms and Conditions

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